This Baby's Got Bark!

New to North Beach offering Fun, Affordable Grooming! Whether your trying to reduce shedding or growing out that  coat, we have a package for you. Regular & necessary grooming in a salon can keep your dog happy at home.  Always offering a monthly special, we make it easy to get your dog on a regular grooming schedule. We provide discounted, monthly grooming reminders.  Our services come complete with everything your dog needs for one price, avoiding pricey, and often needed add-ons. Once in our care, we carefully asess teeth, skin, & ears, treating your fur baby as if they were our own.  We instinctively treat everything from bad breathe to necessary flea care for one flat price.



We have a flexible schedule, offer same day appointments, and accept walk-ins.

"It's a SPA, not a business. I'm a GROOMER, not a company. Most importantly, it's my PASSION, not my JOB."

"It's a SPAW, not a business. I'm a GROOMER, not a company. Most importantly, It's my PASSION, not my JOB."

Our Mission

We understand that all dogs may not necessarily enjoy their grooming regimens. Whether in a salon with professionals or in the comfort of their own home, some dogs just have a tough time enjoying what we do out of love! That is okay. We don't expect every dog to sit calmly and confidently for such a hands on process. We schedule each of our clients based on their individual needs, and cater to the nervous pup and owner alike. Want to stay and wait for the process? We understand why, just let us know upon booking. Remember, confidence is contagious!

Full Service Grooming

Want your dog to look good? So do we! Our goal with a full body haircut is to essentially make them manageable AND cute. We try to make this process as least stressful for the not only your pet, but YOU as well. We interpret your wants without overwhelming you with questions. Instead, we focus on what you DONT want, throw in a few key features, and WHA-LA! Weather your looking for a fluffy puppy or that smooth summer cut, we know what it takes for your dog to look good. Always grooming to our own personal standards of what actually looks good, our service offers everything your pet will need for one flat price.  Want to extend the life of your haircut? Schedule a touch-up upon pickup, complete with reminder calls!

Full Service Baths

Understanding specific breeds truly helps us understand what their grooming needs are, from their wrinkles to their skin. With 11 years of experience bathing all breeds, we don't overlook the importance of your dogs complete bath and brush service. This process is not only to keep them looking and smelling fresh, but important for their over all health. In the tub, we carefully assess skin, ears, teeth, and glands. With a variety of tried and truly tested shampoos, treat your pet to a medicated soak, odor & oil absorbing oatmeal bath, complete de-shedding process, and more. Afterwards, we dry, brush, and style! Our baths include any light trimmings you desire, complete with a nail filing and a monthly reminder call.


Ashley has been working in grooming salons since she was seventeen. Eleven years later, her dreams of working hands on with animals is taking place right here in San Francisco. Extremely breed savvy, she takes pride in her knowledge and applies it to your breeds individual needs physically and mentally. Upon moving to the city 3 years ago, she took a job at the shelter, keeping dogs adoptable via her grooming. She's completed a full canine education and nutrition course, and held her own dog training classes through highs school. She's also been a mentor to many groomers over time. She's held a grooming course in a corporate setting, teaching other employees through her love and passion for what she does. 

Nick Green

Originally from New York, Nick has now made his home here in San Francisco. After helping & working as Ashley's grooming assistant, his passion for his craft quickly grew. Feet trims suddenly turned into shave downs, which has now blossomed into a full time grooming career. In his time here in California, he has safely completed over 200 beautiful haircuts under the watchful eye of his mentor, Ashley. One thing he has taught his very own mentor? Your never too busy to play with puppy's!  He connects with the dogs, and enjoys keeping them comfortable. He truly understands that he is helping them, working well with those who need it the most. His favorite thing about grooming? Watching the dogs leave looking and feeling beautiful!